Thursday, 21 February 2013

Collection Cover Stick

Concealer is the bane of my life. Being the paleness that I am I have serious issues getting concealer that is either light enough without oxidising, or the right formula to work on my super oily skin.
I do use Mac Studio Fix normally and although it lasts ages I can’t help but think it’s a bit expensive for me. So I went to my back up, Collection 2000 Cover Stick.

For me, this is almost like a stick version of MAC. Whilst it’s not quite as creamy and takes a while to warm up in between clean fingers to gain maximum coverage and sticking power, it works just as well.  It’s also great for applying sheerer that MAC which allows for it to be used all over the face in different amounts. I like to pop a hair dryer over this for a few minutes to heat it up before applying for maximum blending. It’s a heavy duty concealer product and so has the same issues as MAC as being heavy and slightly hard to blend, but it’s a lot cheaper. However it only comes in 3 colours, which is an issue, suitable for fair to medium skin tones. There are no darker skin tones and shade 2 is very pink based. However shade 1 for me is slightly yellow neutral toned and works well on my colouring, deffo worth checking out!

This retails at around £2 which I think is great and this is a product that I always have either for back up, or on days when I just don’t want to use something more expensive, the perfect pay day waiting list.

Have you tired this? What do you think?

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