Friday, 15 February 2013

Empties 1

So, Im jumping in on an old horse here and starting my very first monthly empties!
I can grantee this will be every month but obviously when I have a hoard of stuff that I’ve finished im do a little post about it. However empty things lying around really bothers me so we will have to see how this goes! Haha

Herbal Essences Tousle me softly shampoo and conditioner.
My favourite brand of hair care right here. I love the smell of herbal essences and the fact it lingers on my hair for the whole day. It’s also the only conditioner that I’ve tried that I feel really gets into my hair and treats it nicely. This one is meant to be for hair that has a natural wave, which is mine all over. I did find that this increased the curliness of my hair but didn’t make them more defined meaning I still had to use product/heat on it to tame it. I would buy it again though as it made my hair feel lovely, currently bought the orange Herbal essences for this month!

Neal and Wold Harmony Intensive Care Treatment
I had this back when Glossybox was good (oh these were the days) It smells amazing, just like a salon treatment and leaves my hair super soft and nourished. I tended to use this more in the last few months when I really paid attention to my hair. I would love to buy this again but I just cant justify the price tag!

Simple Baby Wipes
An obvious really, used for getting make up off, cleaning bits of make up cases e.g Super useful and cheap, the only brand so far that doesn’t make my face sting!

Elf Mineral Foundation
I bought this a few months back in a sale at ELF. I tend to use mineral foundation as a powder to give extra coverage and this did just that. A small container though and it wasn’t the best at blending. I wont repurchase.

Lush Tea Tree
Ive done a review of this here. I loved this product as a toner/refresher and this bottle lasted ages. I will be repurchasing as it seems to calm my skin and is fairly cheap for a nice natural product. 

George (asda) Face Primer
I bought this ages and ages ago and found it at the back of a draw, I bought it when it was cheap around £3 and figured I would give it ago. If I remember it was fine at the beginning however it contains a lot of oil and so towards the end of the package it feels like your just applying oil to your face. Bit gutting but what can you expect for a few quid? Made my face oiler than without a primer. Wont repurchase.

Ive been trying to use up these few foundations so  I could justify getting double wear! HAHA! Ive done a few separate reviews of these if you want to know individual thoughts. CK foundation

Superdrug Mud mask
These are the 99p face masks from Superdrug. I love these for a quick treat a twice a week when I cant get to lush or cant afford lush. I get about 2 face packs out of each so good value. Nice for my skin and leave it soft and clear. I also repurchase these.

So this is my first lot of empties. What do you think? Do we use similar products?

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