Monday, 11 February 2013

Lush Lip

If you regularly read my blog then it will come as no secret to you how much I love Lush. The products, the ethics and the way my skin reacts to them. All great! So it should come as no surprise to see my little pot of goodies where I stash my smaller Lush lip products. I’ve been collecting these for a while so that explains why I have so many, and I personally find they last for ages, espically for being around the £5 mark.

I basically buy a Lush Lip balm every time I have dry lips and have no lip balm on me. Plus I love the tints and colours of them as they are so pigmented and feel amazing on my lips, however with the darker colours you can just put on a sheerer layer.  Plus the sugar scrubs (which are all over the blogsphere) are worth the hype in my opinion and are hard not to eat!

The solid perfume is also amazing and smells just like Snow fairy, as you can tell uber fan of that!
I would say though that im currently out of my fave honey one which is so nourishing and smells delicious! Have you tried Lush lip products? What’s your favourite?

Top Left to Right
Sugar Scrub- Pow Wow, Bubblegum
Snow Fairy (solid perfume) Celebration, Double Choc, Whip Stick,Chilli Tingle, Celebrate, Snow Fairy. 


  1. I have all of those as well and I have to say I quite like Chilli Tingle at the minute but I also love Bubblegum scrub too xx

  2. love it gurll!