Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Maybelline 24 Super Stay foundation

Once again my love of Maybelline coming through, actually found in the same draw half used as my other reviews!

Superstay 24 hour foundation was my life saver during the first year of uni- I was working long hours and work then going to uni and then going out filming and spending long nights in the edit and a hot studio,  meaning it was often 14-15 hours’ worth of wear that I needed from my makeup. Whilst im still working long hours I have gotten used to the schedule more (and sleep more) that I can get away with around 10 hours’ worth of wear before washing my face and just not wearing any make up during the night work.

What I will say is that when I needed long staying power this foundation was amazing. It seemed to blend amazingly and give a high coverage, perfect for what I needed. I would say that it has the same problem for me as Double Wear in that it sometimes dries to quickly if you don’t work fast and apply lots of moisturizer so you can end up streaky. The formula itself is non greasy but somewhat drying and heavy, obviously how it claims to last for such a long time.

One thing to watch out for however is the oxidisation of the product giving you a lovely orange hue- something I had a problem with whilst wearing it. After around 3 hours wear it seemed to change colour on me from pale to glowing, however this could be combated by buying a lighter shade meaning the oxidisation wouldn’t matter.  It claims to be non-transferable and I would agree with that- it really doesn’t come off that easily through sweat, rubbing or rain and lasts a nice amount of time looking fresh. 24 hours is a bit extreme and I think it reaches its peak after about 8-9 hours, still a nice amount of time for the non crazy normal working person.

The bad points about this foundation to me all seem to come hand in hand with the fact its meant to last such a long time. If your after something that will see you through looking reasonable and put together this is a great foundation to start with at a nice drugstore price range. I would definitely buy this again once the long hours of final year kick in!


  1. Love your blog! I've nominated you for a versatile bloggers award!

  2. OOO thank you! :) will have a looksie now! xx