Monday, 11 February 2013

Maybelline Dream Statin Liquid

Maybelline is honestly my favourite high street brand- wait, what am I talking about. It’s my favourite brand of make in general. Mostly for me, Maybelline is what the high street is all about- quality products for budget prices.
Foundation is something that I don’t mind spending a lot of money on (if its good) as it’s the base to your make up and something that will keep the rest of your face looking great, for me it’s worth the investment. However saying this I cannot resist a chance to buy a new product and try it out at a bargain price. Which is what happened with this- Maybelline Dream Statin Liquid.

This product was something that I used to love and use a lot, so when I found it half used in my draw in the last month I decided to use up the bottle and try it again.

The foundation itself promises ‘Air Whipped Foundation with an air brush finish’ with its key selling point being the air whipped consistency which is meant to give you a flawless even finish. Upon applying this foundation one thing I noticed it that its very smooth and creamy, not like a ‘common’ liquid foundation that is runny. Instead this seems to glide across the skin giving a medium to high coverage but being very blendable.

After applying the rest of my make up and setting with a powder, I absolutely loved it. However, then came the reason I stopped using it.

GOD DOES IT MOVE! For me, this foundation literally slides across my face. I have oily, acne prone skin so foundation does have a job. But nothing a primer and powder wont normally fix, this foundation was just sliding and transferring everywhere.  At the end of the day I looked like a oily mess and I was so shiny. I was actually a bit embarrassed I had been walking around all day like that (I rarely fix my face during the day)

This foundation promises the world but for me, just gives it a oil slide. If you have dry to combination skin I would give it ago, as the finish and coverage is lovely, but if you have oily skin I would stay clear! For me this foundation was a disappointment, and its out of the draw and into the bin!

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