Saturday, 2 March 2013

Estee Lauder DoubleWear

Double Wear is one of those products that is everywhere. The blogosphere seems to go crazy with it and I never really bought the hype, until my make up started falling off my face.

I have very oily skin and no amount of primer can stop this, I seem to spend a small fortune buying foundations that I feel are going to help and none of them actually do. So I took the plunge.

Im not going to do a huge review as this has been blogged about so much its stupid. I will say though that this foundation has changed my make up routine. I was colour matched originally to Ecru which is the second palest which worked fine. However about 3 hours into my day I started to oxidise and look very orange and strange! So I went back and they changed it no problems for me to Ivory Nude, which I believe is the palest one. Typical…

Its high to medium coverage although I do have to say this isn’t the highest coverage foundation I’ve ever had, I mean, you can feel it on your face and its slightly heavy but it doesnt go cakey easily and you only have to use a small amount to make it look amazing. It sits nicely, however personally I find I still have to powder my face but this is fine as its more natural looking that the matte finish one I tried from them.  Also a tip, make sure you have nice plum moisturized skin with this as you need to work fast and if you apply to dry skin it will stick and not blend! However with skin as oily as mine this is fine! HAHA

Double wear isn’t the cheapest, coming in at £27.50 but it really does stay put all day, its about 5.30pm now as I write this and my makeup looks the same as when I applied at 9am. Something that is unheard of for me! I wish I didn’t like this foundation as much as I do due to the price tag but im so glad I bought it as it looks flawless and works so well with my skin! If you have oily skin its really worth looking into this, its changed my face. Literally. 

I will repurchase… dammit..

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  1. Oh I would probably have a similar problem with the Ecru one then xx