Sunday, 3 March 2013

UNE Glimmer Eye Shadow

I always love it when I go into boots and find a bargain. The UNE range in boots is something ive been keen to try for a while but it’s a very expensive range. Focusing on using natural and organic materials to make their products it sound great, but way above my price range. However when I wandered in the other day I found that the whole range was 75% off. I jumped to the stand and noticed that although it had already been picked through there was still loads left and neatly (unlike the Ruby and Millie disaster)

I choose to be restraint, as im meant to be on a semi spending ban and just pick out a few things. two of which were these eyeshadows. These are the glimmer eyes shadow which promises to be a cream to powder texture and offer a nice range of shimmering champagnes and rich tones. Sounds perfect, oh and its 100% natural.

I choose colours G01 and G03- I would of liked about 5 more but they had none..

On the shelf these colours are so pigmented and creamy and leave a nice sheen of sparkle to the lids. However in my packet these are slightly drier and seem to be coming to the end of their life- perhaps why they are 75% off. However after giving it a quick whirl round and seemingly heating up the product it becomes nice and creamy and soft, blending nicely into the lid leaving a high pigment. Meaning you can use less or more to create the desired effect.  These are super creamy and very nice champagne shades.
G03 is the ultimate rose gold shade which works nicely on my skintone and dries to a dusky pink and gold speck, whereas G01 is a sliver gold which is a nice highlight colour and is great for my pale skin tone.  Im not a fan of the naff brush that comes with it though, its useless but it is cheap.

These retail as around £9 however I bought them for £2.50ish each which for me is realy just under what they are worth, they are priced high end but really should retail for around £5, if you’re a huge fan of the natural products then these are for you. For £2.50 though im going to see if I can get more!

Have you tried UNE? What do you think about their pricing?

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  1. Thanks for this I might have to look now they are only £2.50 because I refused to pay £9 for them because I don't think they look like they are worth that amount.

    Charlotte x