Hi :) Im Rhiannon, or Rhi as most people call me, this is just a small section about my life and a few questions that i get asked, not just on here but in real life.

How old are you?
I've just turned 20

How tall are you, what size are you?
Im 5ft7 and a size 12-14

What do you do?
Im currently studying a media and communication course at university with the hope of working in the media, somewhere in television or radio. I have a special passion for documentary making and examples of my work can be found on my media page. I also work part time at a local smoothie bar, not very glamorous I know, but it allows me to buy things :)

What color is your hair?
Honestly i cant really tell you this one, I have been dying my hair since i was 14 and used to, until Christmas 2011 be platinum/bleach blonde. My hair was in terrible condition and so a switched to a darker shade of chocolate/coffee brown in order to allow my hair to repair itself. I can honestly say my hair has changed so much in just a few months and now feels stronger and thicker than ever. 

How much of you is fake?
I wear false eyelashes, false nails and hair extensions and occasionally false tan.I dont think i look fake and purely wear them to make myself feel better. I rarely get acrylics as i think they are really unhygienic and gross me out. I mostly wear Nailene 2000 full cover as they are so cheap and last for ages.   
 I wear around 22" extensions ones and i get them from various places. My natural hair is just under shoulder length but is now growing pretty fast compared to years of not growing due to mis-treating it and dying it.
I also get my eyelashes from a bulk lot on ebay.  

Anything else just ask :)

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